Goodwall Community | How 16 year-old Lukrecija went to the London Peace Talks to speak
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How 16 year-old Lukrecija went to the London Peace Talks to speak

The journey for Lukrecija began with a simple hashtag: #PeaceTalks 

Goodwallers demonstrated their passion for bringing about lasting peace with posts ranging from participating in the European Youth Parliament to publishing an article about peace in a magazine read by over 500,000 people. From this, 10 finalists were chosen. They submitted moving video applications for a coveted speaking spot at the November 2016 London Peace Talks. As winner of the Goodwall #PeaceTalk award in collaboration with Interpeace. Lukrecija from Lithuania was offered the opportunity to travel to London and give a speech at the London Peace Talks in City Hall.

Her impressive achievements in debate and journalism is what made her stand out


The event included a range of impressive and inspiring speakers such as CEOs of charitable organizations and young adults who have worked alongside Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General. At just 16 years old, Lukrecija stood up in front of the audience of 300 and simply told her story.

She explained how her personal experiences shaped her into the person she is today and how she aims to one day make her impact in the path to peace. To add to the magnitude of this moment, it was the first time ever that a high school student spoke at a Peace Talks event. Her speech was followed by a round of applause and received further positive feedback as she began networking after the events. We caught up with Lukrecija after the event where she described it as a “priceless experience”. Perhaps the audience at City Hall just witnessed a future world changer.

“It was priceless experience”

“It was priceless experience”

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