Goodwall Community | A Recap in Goodwall Awards – Part III
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A Recap in Goodwall Awards – Part III

This week saw the culmination of February’s Student of the Month Award. As the flagship award on Goodwall, it’s a celebration of the very best students in the Goodwall community. Students spent the final week of the competition working on their videos, showcasing their last claim to be crowned the winner.

This month’s award was notably different from previous editions as for the first time, participants entered along with a partner. Suddenly the evaluation criteria became based on quality of their partner’s’ profile along with theirs and that dependency was aimed to foster teamwork and encouragement to present the best version of themselves. The other notable difference is that participants were placed in a group channel where they could interact with each other, and in true Goodwall fashion, the mutual support between all applicants was clear and heartwarming to see.

The eventual winning duo were Renato C. and Magda N. from Peru. Renato, also winner of the Goodwall influencer award, is a top academic performer at his school along with further excellence in the extracurriculars such as the multiple awards received in various MUN conferences. As seems to be tradition with most top students on Goodwall, he also formed an NGO in his school with the aim of supporting animals in need.

Magda has a similar profile with excellent academic performance and accolades in MUN. What set her apart from the field was the diversity in her equally outstanding achievements where she showcased her passion and involvement in Scouts, her willingness to participate in charitable events, and her involvement in drama and theatre. To add to this, she was selected for the APEC Voices of the Future 2016 where she got the chance to meet international leaders

Special mention must also go to the runner-up pairing of Ottavia and Josephine who are based in Switzerland. Among their great extracurriculars activities, their feats in swimming stood out. They both swam across the English Channel and Lac Léman, Geneva, all in the aim of raising funds for Obstetric Fistula surgeries for young women in Africa.

Meanwhile, Layan E. from the USA was another notable winner as the latest Weekly Top New Student. What made her stand out? 1. Her dedication to volunteering, 2. She was selected to attend the national academy of future physicians and medical scientists, 3. Qualifying for nationwide fencing competitions, 4. This article can only be so long.

Goodwall Awards are designed to recognise the amazing stories students like Renato and Magda have to tell and to help fund their passions and future ambitions. It will be incredibly exciting to see what heights these winners will reach.

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