Goodwall Community | A Recap in Goodwall Awards – Part II
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A Recap in Goodwall Awards – Part II

It has been an especially interesting recent few days in the Goodwall community. This past week saw the launch of Goodwall’s biggest award yet, in the partnership with the Womanity Foundation. The purpose of this award? To recognise the outstanding female students in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Those who have had a positive and lasting impact in their communities or have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. We’re looking for role-models who are capable to inspire others to do good in their own communities.

The winners of the awards will win either a $5000 scholarship to the university of their choice!

The latest winner of the Goodwall Athlete award was a Marian M. from Mexico. Her amazing exploits in martial arts gained her multiple sponsors, the title of Jiu Jitsu Ambassador for her state, and a growing following in Mexico. It will be incredibly exciting to see Marian progress and watch her continue to tell her story. 

Sticking with the martial arts theme, the latest Weekly New Student was Mugurel E. from Romania. Not only is he an international karate champion in his age category but he’s also won multiple national and international programming contests. To top it all off, he received the title of honorable citizen of Alexandria. 

Over the next few weeks, there will be the launch of a couple of fantastic awards which will offer students with unforgettable experiences! More details to be announced in next week’s instalment of the Goodwall community highlights.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on the Goodwall app for regular award and community updates throughout the week.

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